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Preferred Operating Systems

In most cases, we use Microsoft Windows 7 Professional for computers. This isn't mandatory - some people use Mac computers, and a few even use Linux operating systems. Be aware that Android (some tablets) / iOS (iPads) operating systems are not fully compatible with our local area network - there are some things that will not work. Safest bet is to use a computer with Microsoft Windows. This will provide a computing experience with the fewest problems. Next best is Mac OS or a version of Linux.

Preferred Applications

The latest version of Microsoft Office is recommended for staff, however we are starting to make use of Google Apps, which has free word processing, spreadsheets and presentations. The College also makes use of Adobe Creative Suite, but again, there are free applications that we will start using named Gimp and Audacity, among others.

Other commonly used programs include Adobe Acrobat Reader, Google Chrome for web browsing, VLC player / iTunes for multimedia, and the Digital Video Commander player. These are all free. 

Specialised applications

Specific subjects may make use of their own desired software - music classes often have a variety of preferred applications depending on what the current teacher knows how to use. There is no prohibition on what you can use, but keep in mind that sticking to preferred applications will be easier for everyone, since the file format will be right, and we know that they are compatible with other network services. Also, ICT Staff don't know how to use every program ever made - so if you need help with something we've never used before... it might not happen. Try to stick with the mainstream programs, and you should avoid any difficulties.

Online services

As mentioned, the College is aiming to make use of Google Apps - this is online software that your College username & password can access for free - including students Gmail accounts. This Moodle site is also online, but run by College ICT Staff. There is also the Catholic Education Office intranet site for staff information, and Manga High maths games that seems quite popular. There are many, many more available, and the great thing about them is that they work on any device, anywhere, and are often free.