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3.5 File Storage

File servers

The College has a network server that allows a small amount of storage on "home drives". These drives are configured on your computer with the drive letter H: ... use this drive to keep a backup of your work. It isn't available from home, you must be at the College to access it.

There are also a handful of shared drives, most notably the "Staff drive T:" and "Students drive S:". The staff drive is where staff store and share work with each other. The students drive is where staff provide files to students, but students cannot save anything to this drive. These drives are not available from home either, you must be at the College to access them.

To submit assessments to teachers, either upload the files to the Moodle course for your class, or email the files to your teacher using your school Gmail account. For very large files, such as film clips, consider using a USB stick - ICT Services usually have a few available to borrow, or they can upload the files directly to a teacher's home drive for you.

Note: DO NOT save personal files to these drives, especially movies and music. The storage space is limited and is only for work purposes. Personal files will be deleted by ICT staff if they are found - we do check occasionally.

Online storage

There is some storage available for courses on the Moodle server, and also on Google Apps for Education using Google Drive. There are other providers around, but these are supported by the College, free and in the case of Moodle, are backed up regularly. Again, only use these for work purposes - don't hog the internet speed by downloading / uploading personal files, music and movies.

The great advantage of online storage is that you can access it from anywhere that has an internet connection - at home, McDonalds, Bali resorts, etc


As mentioned previously, the network server with the home drives, staff and students drive are backed up by the College, so are files on Moodle. You should be pretty safe if the work on your computer is copied to either online storage, one of the network drives or a USB device. If your computer breaks, you will be able to retrieve a copy from those backups. 

NOTE: Computer malfunction is not an acceptable excuse for late submissions! Save often, and keep a second copy that isn't on your computer!

USB devices / Discs

An external USB hard disk drive, or a good thumb drive/stick is a good option for backing up all your work, and personal files too, including movies and music. Not ideal to be carrying around all the time though, so probably just as a backup.... and check your pockets before doing the washing, USB sticks don't like getting wet.

Discs are not recommended; many devices lack a CD drive these days, and they are susceptible to scratching. If you want to archive a backup for long-term storage however - this could be an option.