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3 The College's Services

3.1 Connectivity

Wireless network

Wifi access is available around most of the College buildings. Use is for students, staff and guests only, and your device must be registered with ICT Services before it can connect - even if you know the password! There are three wifi networks; TCCG_STUDENT, TCCG_STAFF and CGCEO_WPALAN. There is little difference between them - it just helps ICT staff organise internet filtering and monitor traffic. Be aware that what you do on the networks can be tracked by ICT staff at the College and Catholic Education Office.

Wired network

There isn't really a need to plug into the network these days with wireless available, but the desktops in the labs still do so, and the servers and switches of the network itself are all connected by cables - it is more reliable and usually faster than wireless.

Internet access

Provided at no extra cost to students and staff, we have a fibre to the premise internet connection. At the time of writing, the provider of the internet plan the school uses is Telstra. That's right - the College has a plan just like a home user, which is why we are limited to a certain speed, and when a lot of people use the internet at the same time, it will seem to "slow down" - just imaging everyone in your family streaming movies at the same time - it is like pushing a golf ball down a garden hose!

Internet filtering

The internet is filtered by means of a proxy server. When your computer tries to talk to other networks on the Internet, it first has to go through the Wide Area Network (WAN) run by the Catholic Education Office Canberra-Goulburn. So your internet traffic literally goes to a server in Canberra, and this server will accept or deny your request, depending on whether the site you have tried to access is allowed. This is how we attempt to prevent access to sites that are not reputable or productive. Do the right thing, and stick to using your computer for work only while at school.

Note that your internet connection at home isn't filtered this way. So, parents - it is up to you to supervise your kids. Because every home is different, we can't advise how to filter your connection. Be aware also that your children can access the internet through smartphones and gaming consoles these days!

Access from home or abroad

Currently, access while away from the college is limited to Moodle, email, websites, intranet... wait - that's almost everything! The only things you can't access from home are files stored on the network server at the College (your home drive, staff drive, student drive, etc) and some of the specialised applications - mostly used by staff - such as MAZE and MOLE. However, both of these are slowly being changed to work online anyway. You can email work files to yourself, put them in Google Drive or on Moodle or keep a copy on your computer. The applications will be updated to online versions soon too.

The only catch... you need an internet connection at home, or wherever you happen to be staying/travelling. Still, if you keep a copy of files on your computer, you can still do most things...