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3 The College's Services

3.2 Communication

College Website

Public information and news is posted to the College website. This is the place to start learning about the College, checking for news, notices and events on the School Calendar. From here, use the login link to access the Moodle home page - if you can get to the College website, you can be sure to navigate your way to other services, no matter where you are in the world.

Moodle Learning Site

This is the "border" between the public information website and the local network services. This is where you would begin to become familiar with those services, (which is what you are doing now), and start your learning at the College. It is also the point from which you can access all the other services, from the Quick Links section.

It isn't only useful for students and staff - some of the courses on Moodle are publicly available for parents and guests.

Notice Boards / PA System

At the College, there are a number of televisions configured to display daily notices. They are usually turned on for home room in the morning, but can be left on during the day for students to check. Anyone at the College with network access can view the daily notices on their computer too. Make a habit of keeping an eye out for notices relating to you.

The digital public announcement system operates as they always have - you might have heard it around the town! It is quite loud - it also provides the emergency alarms, and can continue to operate for some time even in the event of power failure.


This is fast becoming the preferred communication method for many. If parents have provided an email address to the school, it will be used increasingly into the future as new systems integrate reporting and administration information. Students and staff are all provided with an email address, and are expected to use it every day.

Students are now using Gmail (by Google), which also gives access to the other Google Apps, such as Google Drive. Using this they can collaborate, sharing documents with peers and teachers. Staff use Microsoft Outlook, or its online version 'Outlook Web App'. Students and staff are not permitted to use personal email addresses when communicating.

Be aware that the content of emails can be monitored by ICT Staff at the College and Catholic Education Office. At all times, messages and attachments must remain professional.

SMS notifications / phone

The school is currently investigating services that will allow text message notifications to parents for important events and absences. Of course, traditional telephone calls will continue.

Social Media Sites

While social media sites, such as Facebook, have become massive communication tools in the public, the College believes they are too uncontrolled and susceptible to misuse; that they blur the line between social life and working life, and may compromise our duty of care to students. For these reasons, they are not used. All collaboration is for work-purposes only, and is via the previous methods (e.g. Moodle, email).

Staff are not permitted to use Facebook, nor make connections with students and parents on any such social media. Likewise, students and parents should not attempt to use or make connections with staff via social media.