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3 The College's Services

The following sub-chapters will outline the relevant systems we have at the College. It is not all of them by any means - there is a lot of work behind the scenes, but these are what you might be expected to use in your time here.

For detailed instructions on how to use the main services, finish reading this Getting Started "book", then delve into the Core Competencies course in the ICT Services section of the Moodle Learning Management System. Here is a direct link: ICT Services Core Competencies. They are self-paced learning modules, so there is no rush. Take your time to work through them.

Of course, to actually access some of the services, you will need to have had your computer / smart-device configured by ICT Services. They're on the Ground Floor of the Metcalfe Building, near the "Pi Lab". Visit anytime to get help with anything - from borrowing a laptop, to locating information or getting help using Photoshop, we'll do our best to assist.