Students in Stage 4 Geography have opportunities to develop knowledge and understanding of:

  • a sense of place about global environments
  • the processes that form and transform global environments
  • the interrelationships between people and global environments
  • the physical and human elements of global environments
  • the use of natural resources and sustainiability
  • environmental management and ecological sustainability
  • contemporary environmental issues
  • the responsibilities and responses of individuals, groups and governments to issues in the environment
  • informed and active citizenship in relation to global environments

Focus Area: Investigating the World

  • An introduction to the discipline of Geography and the nature of geographical inquiry.


A student:

4.1 - identifies and gathers geographical information
4.2 - organises and interprets geographical information
4.3 - uses a range of written, oral and graphic forms to communicate geographical information
4.4 - uses a range of geographical tools
4.5 - demonstrates a sense of place about global environments
4.6 - describes the geographical processes that form and transform environments
4.10 - explains how geographical knowledge, understanding and skills combine with knowledge of civics to contribute to informed citisenship

Geographical tools in this focus area
The geographical tools listed below will be integrated into teaching and learning activities in this focus area.


  • use an atlas
  • use various types of maps: physical, political, topographic and thematic
  • identify and use elements of maps: legend, north point, title, scale and border
  • distinguish between different map projections
  • locate features on a map using latitude and longitude, and grid and area references
  • identify physical and cultural features on a map
  • use the points of a compass to determine direction
  • construct a sketch map
  • read synoptic charts


  • use geographical instruments
  • collect and record data in the field


  • draw a line drawing
  • collect and interpret photographic images