Indicative time: 20–40 hours
Module description
Through the study of the module Telling us all about it: English and the Media students
develop a deeper understanding of the ways language is used to report on news and
current affairs issues in various media forms, such as television news programs,
documentary programs, news bulletins, updates, television infotainment shows,
newspapers, current affairs magazines and news websites. Students further develop
practical competence in the use of language by extending their skills in writing media
texts such as news reports and feature articles. They have the opportunity to further
develop and express their own views, ideas and values in relation to questions that are
relevant to them and that are under media scrutiny.
Students will also have the opportunity to experience, engage with and critique literary
texts that, through an imaginative use of language, raise questions of ethics and the
powerful influence of the media both on individual lives and on a national and
international scale. Texts may include longer works such as novels, films, television series
and plays. Through engaging with a range of literary texts in both written and electronic
forms, students will extend their skills in comprehending and responding to texts and their
abilities to use language expressively and imaginatively.